Google Analytics 4 – GA4 Setup – Basic

Google Analytics 4 – GA4 Setup – Basic


Google Analytics 4 – GA4 Setup – Basic

Google Analytics 4 – GA4 Basic Setup

1st of July 2023, Google Analytics Univeral Analytics will stop tracking data.  We recommend setting up GA4 in parallel to UA to start collecting data.

Basic measurement implementation:

  • Create a Google Analytics 4 property
  • Create a data stream
  • Enable data collection
  • Set up Google Tag Manager
  • Add GA4 Measurement ID
  • Add Google Tag manager to your WordPress website

Please note that this is for the basic set-up only. This does not include converting all your goals and conversions over to the new GA4 set-up. If you need a more advanced GA4 set-up to include your conversions, goals, online enquiries, newsletter signups, call tracking, clicks on numbers, clicks on emails etc, please contact us for a quote.


What we will require:

  1. Access to your Google Analytics account if you already have UA set up
  2. Access to Google Tag Manager if you already have this set up
  3. Access to your admin WordPress website


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