Top Tips For Streamlining Your Facebook Newsfeed

Top Tips For Streamlining Your Facebook Newsfeed

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The more friends, pages and groups we collect on Facebook, the noisier our feeds can become. There are ways of streamlining your newsfeed without going through and deleting friends or pages. To get a less cluttered newsfeed, you just need to follow these simple tips, which apply to the current version of the Facebook feed, in advance of the rollout of the updated feed.

Create A Friends-Only Feed

On the redesigned newsfeed, you can edit your settings to only show posts from those friends you really want updates from. As reported on All Facebook, if you have the redesigned Facebook newsfeed (currently being rolled out on a select basis), by clicking ‘edit’ on feed settings, you can choose to create a list of friends that you want to see updates from.

Or if you’re using the old newsfeed, you can create a list by clicking on ‘friends’ on the left hand side and either create a new list or add to an existing one. When you then select that list, you’ll see only the updates from those friends you’ve selected.

Feeds By Interest

As well as creating lists, you can also optimise your newsfeeds by interest. Say you follow sports heavily, you might choose to create an interest list that only contains the pages or friends that relate to it. Then during a particular match, you can get the best content tailored to you in your feed.

Once you’ve created your interest list, you can then filter the content that appears in here directly from your newsfeed. If a page pops up that you want to add, simply hover over the page name then navigate to ‘Liked’. This will bring up a popup menu where you can add the page to interest lists.

Hide Posts

One of the best ways of managing your newsfeed is to simply block those whose updates appear there.  You might not want to go as far as deleting someone, but you can block their updates without them being notified. You can do this simply by going to that friend’s profile or within your newsfeed.

When an update appears, you can hover over the friend’s name to bring up a menu of options. Simply untick ‘show in newsfeed’ if you no longer want to see their updates.

Limit Updates From Friends

If you don’t want to go to the extremes of deleting a friend or blocking their posts, you can limit the types of updates you see from particular friends. By clicking on ‘friends’ in the profile page of a friend, you can click on settings and select the type of updates you see from them. If they’re a bit too noisy, you can block these to only see certain updates.

Hide Suggested Posts

You might find a lot of ‘suggested posts’ appearing in your timeline which can often be irrelevant or spammy. The good news is that you can block these too. First click on the arrow at the top of the post then click ‘hide’.

When you’ve done this, you’ll see the post disappear from your newsfeed and the option to then hide all posts from that page.

Block Game Updates

If you find that too many friends are posting their scores from games like Candy Crush Saga, you can block updates from games pages so you’re not bothered by them again.

Hide Sponsored Posts

There isn’t a direct way to hide sponsored posts within Facebook, but you can do it using the Adblock extension in your browser, which is available to download here.

Once you’ve installed this, you can paste this piece of code into the extension by clicking ‘Add Filter’ within the settings.

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