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Google Shopping Ads provide the best return on ad spend for eCommerce businesses in Google search. They are eye-catching, hyper-efficient and offer immense scalability.

Maximise E-Commerce Success with Our Google Shopping Ads Expertise

Unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business with the most efficient return on ad spend—Google Shopping Ads. Smart Robbie partners with Search Rescue, we specialise in crafting eye-catching, hyper-efficient, and highly scalable Google Shopping Ads that captivate your audience.

Strategic Google Shopping Ads Management in Sydney

Google Shopping Ads play a pivotal role in retail results, capturing the attention of consumers with easy visibility of products and prices. Also known as product listing ads, these campaigns showcase your products through compelling images, product titles, prices, and additional elements like reviews and promotional messaging.

By configuring a product feed from your website to Google Merchant Centre, your product attributes seamlessly integrate into Google Shopping Ads when users search for your offerings. Unlike Google Search (AdWords), there are no keywords to manage—just the product attributes from your website.

Key Elements of Google Shopping Ads:

Merchant Centre:

Set up Google Merchant Centre to load a product feed from your website CMS. Configure essential elements like shipping duration, business logo, privacy policy, and more.


Tailor various targeting elements according to your business needs—bid strategy, geographic targeting, ad scheduling, device bids, demographics, networks, and more. Leverage the power of automated bid strategies at Google Shopping.

Tracking & Optimising:

Elevate your Google Shopping Ads with precise tracking and optimization. Utilising eCommerce revenue tracking from Google Analytics, we optimize based on your primary campaign goal, often return on ad spend (ROAS). Witness every dollar invested driving substantial returns.

Google Shopping versus Google Smart Shopping:

Detailed analysis by Search Rescue reveals that Smart Shopping campaigns often outperform traditional ones. Smart Shopping leans into machine learning conversion optimization and extends your reach into Google’s vast networks—Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.

Excited about the results we achieve, call us today to discover the potential of Google Shopping / Product Listing Ads for your business.

Google Shopping Agency Sydney

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Why Choose Search Rescue for Google Shopping?

As a Google Ads Agency, we extend our expertise to drive new leads, retention, and awareness. Our focus is on the bigger picture—choosing the right marketing channels, architecting high-converting campaigns, and optimizing strategies for maximum return.

Grow Your Traffic

Google AdWords drives high-quality traffic to your website instantly. You only pay per click (PPC).

Increase Your Sales

More Google AdWords traffic means more leads and sales. You're charged only for AdWords clicks from agreed keywords, minimising wastage.

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