Website speed optimisation

Is your site running slow?

Let us handle the technical side and make your WordPress Website nice and speedy.

If a website exceeds a load time
of more than 3 seconds...
you can expect to loose 40%
of your web traffic.

Do you need to fix your website speed optimisation?

WordPress Speed Optimisation

Speed up your site today!

One time cost
Premium Cache Plugin
Image Optimisation
Remove Post Revisions
Speed optimisation report

WordPress Speed Optimisation


Provide a better service for your users and also help rank your website higher in search engines.

Google’s page speed industry benchmark is around 2-3 seconds.

A super-fast website speed can add a boost to your Google ranking which is one of the SEO ranking factors.

Website speed statistics show that internet users everywhere demand and expect a fast website load time. View more interesting stats here.

Our WordPress Services:

WordPress Maintenance

Get a website tune up every month. We complete all site updates, site speed checks, backups, security audits and more.

Website Health Check

Wondering if your website has been set up correctly? Our website health check will review your website and check all options meet the standard requirements.


Does your website get backed up daily? Having a good backup strategy is critical to ensure all your hard work and investment isn't lost.

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Wordpress Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Maintenance Checklist

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