Website Support

This website support request form is the fastest way to get jobs into our system. This can be used for new tasks, website issues and more.

Reporting Bugs/Technical Issues

Support Costs: Support requests are invoiced at our hourly rate.  If the changes require more than an hours work we will let you know before proceeding. 

If you are on a maintenance plan, any bugs or technical issues, this is covered under the maintenance plan. If it’s adhoc change requests this is invoiced as an adhoc payment at our hourly rate.

If you do not currently have a maintenance plan you can sign up to one here.

The fastest way to get help is always video (eg. Loom), second to screenshots. 

If you can, please record a screen record what you are doing/did and answer the following questions:

Website Care Plans

We care about our customer’s businesses and want to ensure that they keep running smoothly. We also know how busy entrepreneurs and managers are so we’ve designed Website Care Plans to help. All our care plan customers get priority support.

Oh No! My Website Is Down!

Uh Oh! Did your website go down and you’re not sure what is happening? Please submit a request and we will get onto it ASAP for you. Once submitted a request feel free to send a message to 0409 130 307 as a backup.

You will receive a Support Ticket number confirming that we have received your notification. If you are not on our website care plan, there will be a fee to research and fix the problem.

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