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What is SEO? Do I need SEO on my website?


SEO is a buzz word that everyone hears and it is important.  SEO means Search Engine Optimisation – how we can optimise your website to be found naturally on google searches without paid ads.  Ultimately SEO will help drive traffic to your site.


A lot of small businesses feel that SEO is an invisible task and are unsure if it’s beneficial to their website.  SEO is important and will help build your website authority on Google. SEO takes into account many factors such as: technical SEO, website performance, keyword research and finding the appropriate keywords for your business, backlinks and link building, internal linking, reviewing page and domain authority and much more.  SEO isn’t a one-off task, it’s an ongoing and evolving job to ensure the best performance for your small business.



What is SEO and how to hire the right SEO consultant?


SEO Long Term Strategy

SEO is often a long-term strategy. For businesses that require a more in-depth SEO Strategy, we can help by with a 12 month contract with detailed reporting.  The reason why a minimum of 12 months is required as it takes time to get the relevant keywords to rank higher on Google.

For Small Businesses:

We are excited to help Small Business with the basic tools of SEO to help improve traffic website to your website.  For those with limited budgets, we have put together a Kickstarter SEO package help you get started.  Once our recommendations have been implemented you can review the improvements and look into a longer term strategy.

Reports and Advice:

We can provide reports and review your website and provide advice on what you can do yourself to improve your SEO Rankings. We can give you a to do list with actions you can implement yourself. Contact us more for pricing options.

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