Website Health Check

Website Health Check


Website Health Check

Wondering if your WordPress website is set up correctly? Get a Website Health Check.

Our website health check will review the health of your website and check all options meet the standard requirements.  We will review your site in detail and provide a report of all times that passed, had some errors or failures.

What you will get:

  • Review of the backend and front end of the site
  • Report of any issues
  • Meet the best practices for SEO
  • Meet the best practices for a WordPress setup
  • WordPress settings: Are all settings set up correctly
  • Plugins: Are your plugins up to date, are there are vulnerabilities, plugins that should be removed
  • Themes: Check the thems are set up correctly
  • Security: check the security of your site
  • Speed: how fast does your website load and what can be done to improve the site speed.
  • Image Optimisation: are your images optimised?
  • Google Analytics: has it been set up and configured
  • Google Searchability: are there any issues, is the basic SEO settings done correctly, have you configured the right tools?
  • SEO: Is the site optimised and what improvements can be done.

Find out if your site has been set up correctly and ticks all the right boxes. If there are errors we will provide a list of recommendations where you can update the site yourself or we can help fix them for you.

Anyone who purchases our Website Health Check will also get 10% discount on our fees to fix any of the issues found in the audit.

Frequently asked questions:

What is required to do the report:

  • Admin login details to your website, Google Analytics and Google Search Console (if set up).

When will you get the report?

  • We will provide the report within 48hours of receiving the login details.

When is the payment required?

  • Payment is required up front by purchasing online or contact us for an invoice. Once payment has been received we will work on your website health check.

If issues are found, how do we go about updating them?

  • You can fix the issues yourself by reviewing our recommendations. We will also provide a cost for fixing the issues in the report if you require help. No fixes will  be done without approval.


Terms and conditions:

  • The fee is non-refundable and payment is required before reviewing the site
  • No fixes will be completed without cost approval for additional work.
  • Login details are required to do a full review. Login details will be kept safe and private. You can add us as a user and remove us after the review is done.


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