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We create cleverly targeted audiences, serve them compelling ad creative and deliver big results.

Tailored Social Media Marketing in Sydney

Unlock the full potential of your business with our strategic Social Media Marketing campaigns. Smart Robbie partners with Search Rescue, we specialise in creating cleverly targeted audiences, serving them compelling ad creative, and delivering significant results.

Configuring Optimal Social Media Marketing Campaigns

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing involves creating engaging content to promote your business and products across various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s about meeting your target audience with the right ad creative at the right time, optimising for maximum return on investment.

How Smart Robbie Can Help

Our team at Smart Robbie takes pride in providing flexible and robust social media services. We tailor plans to suit your budget and audience, keeping your customers informed and engaged. Social Media Marketing not only enhances your online presence but also contributes to improved SEO through social signals and increased website traffic.

If you’re searching for an experienced and reliable social media marketing agency in Sydney, get a free quote below.

Great Audiences + Great Creative = Your Path to Results

When it comes to social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook, the two most important elements are the audiences that are being targeted and the creative used to target said audiences. While there is an endless array of creatives that can be used, target audiences fall under one of two categories – cold or warm.

Cold Audiences

Cold audiences, those unfamiliar with your content or website, are a vast segment. Warm audiences, on the other hand, are people who have engaged with your content or website. We target a mix of cold and warm audiences to maximise the value of your investment.

Warm Audiences

Including site visitors, current Facebook fans, and past buyers, warm audiences offer valuable engagement. For cold audiences, we use precise targeting based on interests, demographics, and online behaviours. Our use of Facebook lookalike audiences leverages user traits to extend your sales funnel, driving additional leads and sales.

Our Social Media Marketing services cover a range of options, including website clicks, like campaigns, e-commerce campaigns, catalogue ads, and Facebook lead ads. We tailor campaigns to individual businesses for the best return on investment.


To complement the right audiences, impactful creative is crucial. From single image ads to image carousels and videos, we utilise various ad creative options on Facebook and Instagram. Our Lead Ads use creative options but open within Facebook, pre-populating user data for effective lead generation. Catalogue Ads, popular with eCommerce clients, pull product data dynamically, ensuring your ads stay current.

Social Media Marketing Experts

Elevate your Facebook Marketing and Instagram Marketing with our smart audience targeting and compelling creative. Utilising machine learning, we drive exceptional results.


We help you choose the right marketing channels.


Our expertise lies in architecting high-converting campaigns.


We optimise campaigns to maximise your return.

Grow Your Traffic

Facebook marketing and social media marketing will drive more traffic to your Facebook page and website.

Increase Your Sales

With the right creative and targeted audiences, social media marketing drives awareness, clicks and ultimately sales. It’s no wonder this is the fastest growing digital marketing channel in the last decade.

Our Facebook marketing and social media marketing services will drive more traffic to your Facebook page and website. With the right creative and targeted audiences, social media marketing in Sydney generates awareness, clicks, and sales, making it the fastest-growing digital marketing channel.

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