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website hosting in australia



If your business is based in Australia, it’s best to host your website here in Australia. Hosting your website within Australia reduces load times and creates a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Let’s cover off the main reasons it will help your business.

1.  Faster Website Performance

If your customer are based in Australia, then it’s a great reason to consider hosting your site locally. Secure servers in Australia can provide very fast speeds up to three times faster than offshore hosting!

2. Higher positions on search engines

Search engines like will try to match users with website relevant to their physical location. This can be done by many ways in terms of SEO, Local SEO, google business, local content on your website, domains as well as a local web hosting environment for your site.

3. Maintenance hours don’t affect your business

A lot of hosting providers will have scheduled maintenance on their servers during off-peak times (e.g. in the middle of the night). However, if your site is hosted offshore and their ‘middle of the night’ is in the middle your work day… then you can have potential outages or disruptions to your site.

4. Support

Getting Support from your hosting provider when there are issues or errors on your site is important. If you have errors during the day and can’t call your hosting provider until night time, there may be delays in fixing any issues.

Here are some Australian Hosting Companies you can contact. When you contact them, check that the hosting package you are after is for a local Australian Server.

If you choose Smart Robbie to host your website, all our websites are hosted with RackCorp –

RackCorps Servers are based in Melbourne. Through Smart Robbie you will receive a special discounted rate from their RRP prices, SSL certificate and daily backups. We can then provide you with a ticketing login, or you can contact Smart Robbie if you have any issues.

Our local Australian hosting packages

Our hosting packages are very reliable with an uptime on 99.9%.

Daily backups are included in the hosting. Backups are very important for any website. In the event of a website being hacked, we can restore your website to a previous clean version of the site.

We are currently no longer offering standard HTTP website. This is because of the Google and web browser changes. As of 2017 booth Google and web browsers will be showing HTTP sites as not secure. This is why the only hosting packages we offer includes an SSL certificate. If you would like to read more about why websites should have an SSL certificate click here.

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