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Google Ads Industry Expert Q&A With Melinda Samson

Lots of small business have questions about Google Ads! We recently talked to Melinda Samson from Click-Winning Content to help answer your Google Ad questions! Some of the questions we covered include the top 3 tips for setting up Google Ads and conversion tracking.

Tell us a little bit about you and your business?

We specialise in Google Ads services, including set up and management, training and consulting. Clients often ask us to help with other services, like Facebook ads and writing blogs, but I prefer to outsource those to other specialists, so we can focus on Google Ads and getting the best possible results for all our clients. I’ve been a Google Partner since 2009 and a Premier Google Partner since 2016 which confirms our commitments to following best practices, maintaining up to date knowledge, looking after our clients and working with them for the long term.

Where did your passion for Google Ads begin?

Back in 2006 I was working for a global software company, looking after marketing for the Asia Pacific region. We had a really progressive Internet Marketing Director who asked me to find an agency that could look after Google Ads (then called Google AdWords) for all the English speaking countries in my region. I tried to find someone to work with but wasn’t comfortable with the proposals that I received because I was bamboozled by all the jargon. This prompted me to ask if there was a way I could learn more about the topic. Our Internet Marketing Director advised that Google had free online training available. I did it. I loved it. I realised I could build a business around it. Now here we are in 2019, having run my own business and been a Google Partner since 2009.

What is the number 1 mistake you see businesses do when setting up google ads?

Unfortunately, there are so many! To pick one, I think it’s assuming that you can follow the steps and suggestions to set up a campaign and that it will quickly bring you new business. While this is possible it’s not always the case if you don’t have Google Ads skills and experience.

There is a lot to know and understand when running Google Ads. Often not outsourcing to a specialist is a false economy.

What are your top 3 tips for setting up Google Ads?

1. Follow best practices. Learn how to set up an effective campaign and use all the features available such as ad extensions, multiple versions of ad copy and different keyword match types

2. Have conversion tracking set up! This is how you will know what results your campaign is generating. (More details below)

3. Google Ads is not set and forget. Log in regularly. Learn about your campaign performance. Know if the ads are working well to generate business. And what to do next to continually improve.

What has been your best success story with Google Ads?

Recently I’ve taken on several new clients who all had campaigns running with other agencies, but weren’t happy with the results. Within a month we improved on the previous campaigns, bringing ad spend down and increasing sales in line with the clients expectations.

What options are there for conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking is incredibly powerful in terms of optimising your campaign. Never run a campaign without at least some form of conversion tracking set up.

Google Ads and Analytics both offer different options for conversion tracking. The ones we use regularly are:

  • Website Call Tracking – this tracks calls made once someone clicks on your ad, goes to your website and then makes a phone call.
  • eCommerce Tracking – this is a feature of Google Analytics that allows eCommerce websites to track their transactions and revenue value. It tracks for all web traffic sources and is critical for any eCommerce website that is running Google Ads in terms of understanding the return that you’re getting.
  • Online enquiries – These can be tracked in several different ways, for example as a Goal in Google Analytics or via Event Tracking for clicks on the form submit button.
  • Views of an important page – An example of this is tracking views of your Contact page. While this isn’t a complete conversion, in that the person might not have actually contacted you, it does show that they had the intent to find your contact details. Setting up tracking for pageviews is really straightforward so if you don’t the technical skills or resources to update code and add more advanced conversion tracking, in my opinion, this is better than nothing!

How can people contact you if they want help with their Google Ads?

The best option is to complete our online Google Ads enquiry form at

Also connect via social media for regular tips and updates.




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