The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins [2023 Edition]

WordPress has come a long way since its launch in 2003. As WordPress adoption has grown, so too has the ecosystem of WordPress plugins, which continues to expand and meet new demands for customisation and flexibility.

Today there are nearly 60,000 free plugins available in the WordPress Plugin repository alone, not to mention the growing list of premium plugins available from other vendors. With such a wide list of options to choose from, how do you know which plugins are the best?

To help you narrow down your list, this guide provides an overview of some of the best WordPress plugins based on research, statistics, hands-on experience, and overall popularity within the WordPress Plugin Repository.

All of the plugins we’ve compiled are recently updated, highly rated, and grouped into specific categories so you can cut down on search time.

Download the ebook or using the button on the right, for our in-depth list of more than 175 WordPress plugins, which covers the following categories:

  • Marketing Plugins
  • eCommerce Plugins
  • Development + Design Plugins
  • Headless Plugins
  • AI Plugins
  • Customer Experience Plugins
  • Security Plugins
  • Business Development Plugins
  • Site Optimization Plugins and more!

WordPress 2023 E-Book

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