Website Pre-Launch Checklist

Website pre launch checklist

Website Pre-Launch Checklist

Having a Website Pre-Launch Checklist will help ensure your website launch is smooth.  We run through a list of things to check and consider when you are launch a website – new or old.  Launch check list includes front end and back end checks, website design, website functionality, SEO, must have plugins, wordpress security, backups, and more.

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Pre-Launch Checklist

 Remove all Lorem Ipsum text?

 Proofread site copy for grammar and spelling errors?

 All links are working correctly?

 Confirm contact details are correct throughout site

 Test all contact forms to make sure you get the alerts

 Video and audio items are correct and formatted properly ?

 PDF files are properly linked and proofed ?

 404 page is created or customized ?

 Old website URLs are 301 redirected to new URLs ?

 Be sure all required licenses for images, fonts, plugins, etc. are on file ?

 Confirm Gravatars are set up for their email address


Website Design

 Images are correct and have been optimized for the web (resize all large images) ?- images sould be below 150kb

 Site previewed in Chrome ?

 Site previewed in Firefox ?

 Site previewed in Internet Explorer ?

 Site previewed in Safari ?

 Site previewed in any legacy browsers requested by client ?

 Responsive design tested at standard phone sizes ?

 Responsive design tested at standard tablet sizes ?

 Website favicon is working ?

 Header (or company logo) is linked to home page


Website Functionality

 Page load time is 3 seconds or less ?

 All forms are submitting data correctly ?

 All forms are emailing to correct address ?

 All forms display correct message or redirection on submit ?

 Form autoresponders are working correctly ?

 All external hyperlinks open in a new tab ?

 Social sharing icons are working

 Social media posting is working correctly

 WordPress Database is optimised

 Clean up WordPress – removed old page/post revisions



 All pages and posts have a unique title, fewer than 70 characters ?

 All pages and posts have unique meta descriptions, fewer than 156 characters ?

 Pages and posts have fewer than 10 keywords that appear in page copy

 Installed Yoast SEO Plugin

 Added alt titles to images

 Turn on Site Visibility in Settings > Reading ?

 Build first sitemap and ping search engines ?

 Connect Google Analytics ?

 Activate Google Analytics Dashboard for WP and add Tracking ID ?

 Connect Google Webmaster Tools ?

 Connect Bing Webmaster Tools


Must-Have Plugins

 View our Essential WordPress Plugin list and instal plugins


WordPress Settings

 General: Confirm Site Title and Site Tagline are correct ?

 General: Confirm time zone is correct ?

 General: Confirm admin email address is correct ?

 Writing: Confirm Default Post Category is correct; if not, create default category ?

 Reading: Confirm Search Engin Visability Discourage search engines from indexing this site is NOT ticked

 Discussion: Confirm comment settings and comment moderation settings ?

 Permalinks: Confirm permalink settings are not Default for SEO purposes


Security & Backups

 24/7 monitoring scripts are installed

 A copy of the final website has been made for backup purposes.

 Ongoing copies of the website are being created and stored on a regular basis.

 Passwords and other website credentials are stored in a secure database

 Installed a security plugin such as Wordfence

 logins are secure – dont use your domain name, admin, administrator as your username, ensure passwords are strong


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